Your Biggest Mistake With SEO (and Your Web Site)

Don’t get sidetracked. Often when we get excited about a project we forget why we started it in the first place. This is often the problem with SEO (search engine optimization) to most people this just means getting more people to their website.

To accomplish this they may get lost in time consuming key word schemes or whatever can be found with time consuming research to raise their web site to the top ten for a given search. People visiting our web sites do not care about all of this SEO. People are going to come to your web site for your unique, valuable content. Spend your time writing product descriptions and great ways to use your product or great ways your service can help them. Wasting time on pointless so called SEO is a waste of the time that you could be writing articles about your product or service. It is relevant content that will raise you in the search engine results pages not the latest keyword scheme.

The same is true of your web site. The first question I always ask a client is what do you want your web site to accomplish for you? For every element you add to your web site you need to ask does this accomplish my original goal? More importantly does it help my customer do what they came to my web site to do? This last question is probably the most important of all and should be asked for every addition to your web site. Think about what web site visitors want not what will look good to you or them. This should eliminate all fancy flash, splash pages and every thing that keeps customers from buying your product. Visitors don’t care about that, they came to your web site a purpose and this is all they care about. Web site visitors want easy to use, workable not fancy and cool web sites.

Find what visitors want and give it to them. This will bring them back more than any fancy or unworkable web site. Your biggest mistake is not considering your customers and what they want.

  • 11:20 PM 1 September 2015

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