How To Use Windows Paint To Make Screen Prints

You can make pictures from anything you can see on your computer screen with Windows Paint. Windows Paint is included in every windows computer on the Accessories menu and has some great applications for those who are not graphic artists but need to manipulate a image or photograph now and then.

These may vary according to what operating system you are using. These steps are from Window Vista.

To make a picture of the computer screen you are looking at now:

Navigate to Start-> All Programs-> Accessories-> Paint.

  • print screen keyPress the print screen key.
  • windows start buttonClick the Windows Start button on the lower
    left of your screen.
  • windows all programs keyFrom the All Programs Menu choose
  • Windows PaintChoose Windows Paint.
  • Windows Paint Menu From the edit menu (second over on the
    top) in Windows Paint choose Paste and
    your image should appear on your screen.

You now have a picture of what ever is on your computer screen.

  • 3:15 PM 1 September 2015

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