More MSIE Nonsense

I always known that Internet Explorer is an inferior browser. Today I was reminded of that once again, this has happened many times before and I am amazed every time it happens. While browsing, even though I have cable, I will get a dial-up prompt, since I am already on line I don’t want to connect to any modems, so I exit the superfluous prompt which interrupts my work for no reason. Immediately MSIE takes me off line and I must now click yet another prompt to get back on line. What now? Can you not see I have work to do? Can you let me get back to work now?

Such nonsense is the reason I do not use MSIE except on rare occasions when I want to visit a site with out being logged in or having any session cookies.

Yes you are absolutely

Yes you are absolutely correct, Internet Explorer is a piece of crap. I made a blog post today and it is still not showing up on the web site unless I use another browser. That is so misleading to claim you are fast without saying it is because you only show old stuff. What good is that? What good is an old web page? If you want to see the site as it is now you have to use a different browser. Until Internet Explorer is able to show current web pages it will remain a piece of crap, worthless for anything.

Developers never use it

Developers never use it because it is the least standards compliant of all the browsers. We even have to use several css work-arounds just to make IE to display like normal browsers. We especially hate it when clients use Internet Explorer and look for our updates after we make them. Imagine a client want to change the spelling of something and you change it, check it in Firefox and it is OK, tell the client it has been changed. He looks at it in IE and says it has not. No wonder developers hate IE.

Amen to that I have that

Amen to that I have that problem so many times I could scream

  • 6:38 PM 17 September 2014