Getting to the top of Google

Getting to the top of Google is not an exact procedure, and nothing can be promised, but some things can be done.

  • The most important thing is frequently updating your web site. A blog is ideal for this, a short relevant paragraph a day would great. If you have a shopping cart, this would be a great reason to add one or two items a day with good descriptions (or as many as you have time for)
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  • If you are at top of Google it will only be for a certain key phrase and different pages will have different key phrases. These are 2 or 3 words people use for searching. Certain phrases may have a lot of competition and will be harder than others. You may have one page which is top ten while another page may not even is listed.
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  • When writing your merchandise descriptions, articles or blog postings you should have just one key phrase and it should be in your title and the page should be about that one specific thing. Short relevant articles will bring visitors to your web site.
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  • Google defines page rank as the importance of that page to the Internet but may be mostly a combination time and other sites linking to you. The more of these one page articles the more visitors you could have since each page could have a listing in Google.
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  • It is important when other sites link to you because, as far as Google is concerned, you are considered an expert when a site links to you.
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  • Time is also important also generally Google will wait 3 or 6 months to see if a site is going to be permanent and what pattern of content and visitors it will have. This period is often referred to as the sandbox. It can be considered as a trial period when you can prove yourself.

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The Panda Update

In the most recent update (sometimes called the Panda update) to its algorithm used to determine the order of pages (SERPS or search engine results pages)in a given search. Google appears to have downgraded the value of inbound links in favor of the age of the site. This has the effect of making an older site rank higher and some newer sites which have a lot inbound links rank lower. This is an over simplification as there are many factors used to construct the Google algorithm, this is just a case of different factors being give different levels of importance.
This is actually very good since inbound links can be faked and the age of a web site can not. What Google seems to be saying is that older web sites have more authority.

The ultimate best strategy is

The ultimate best strategy to find your web site on first page of a Google search is to just add new content to your web site as much and as often as you can. This should valuable, relevant interesting non-duplicate content that your visitors will want to read and bookmark.

  • 8:28 PM 29 August 2015

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