Drupal is an open source content management system, that allows users to manage the content of their website. Drupal enables a user to edit the content of their website using a browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. Drupal is an interface between the user and the programming code allowing users to also change the content of their own website. Originally the web was composed individual pages that were each made separately by developers. These pages are called HTML pages. This led to problems because it violates the basic principal of data integrity, which is information should not be listed in more than one place to insure its accuracy and timeliness. Imagine a website with the address at the bottom of each page and as the website grows any changes will have to be made to each page. Think of a very large e-commerce web site with a menu on each page. What happens if one link changes? In a content management system like Drupal these bits of information are stored in a single database called MySQL and retrieved each time a page is requested by the user.

How Does This All Work?

Web sites are stored ready for delivery to your home computer on a specialized computer called a web server. Linux runs the operating system of the computer storing the programming for websites. Apache is a program that runs on the web server that finds web pages and delivers them to home or business computers. MySQL is the data base where the web page content is stored. PHP is the programming language that gets the information from MySQL and makes up the HTML pages to show to you at home or work. Drupal is a computer program written in PHP that allows users to change these web pages. All of these programs run on the web server. Browsers are programs that run on your home computer and assemble the programming code received from the web server into what you see as a web page. These systems are often called LAMP systems, Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP

Drupal is great for end users because they can make their own changes and maintain their web site instead of calling a web developer to make small changes. Drupal is great for developers because it is an open source program capable of infinite changes. Drupal is great platform for making web sites.

  • 12:54 AM 30 August 2015
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