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Success With The Google Docs Advantage


Google Docs, sometimes called Google Office, is one of the most productive free apps on-line today. Besides being able to create Google Docs and edit documents and Word Documents on line, anyone can read them on-line with out buying or downloading any software. Anyone with a Google Docs account can create and edit Google Docs on-line.

I email a link to my clients and they can edit this document concurrently. This is a great way to work on text for their web sites, they can read a make corrections right there on the actual document before I add it to their web site. A link is sent to them in email and they do not need to have any special software installed on their computer to read and edit this document. -> Read more

The Necessity Of A UPS

Sitting here working during a thunder storm, I am reminded of the necessity of a UPS. UPS stands for uninterpretable power supply, for those periods usually during thunder storms when the power may flicker or even go out. If the power just flickers these battery units will keep your computer going, instead turning your computer off in them middle of whatever it is doing. These battery power units can not run your computer for long, so if the power stays off you should power down or turn off your computer. This unit, only slightly larger than a outlet strip, can sit on the floor out of the way. I always plug my UPS into a good outlet strip with surge protection, I don’t know if it helps but it can't hurt.

Since laptops have batteries so they do not need UPS protection but should have surge protection when possible. A good UPS will also provide surge protection. -> Read more

What is the absolute best blogging platform?

Drupal is by far the best blogging platform. This is Drupal blog. Drupal was originally written by University of Antwerp student Dries Buytaert for communication between dorms. Drupal has a great support group of developers around the world constantly working to improve it. The original word for the name of the software was Dutch for village (drop) but was changed to the Dutch word for drop which is Drupal, because they are so close. It has always been software for communities.

There is still a better reason than all that. Drupal is composed of modules that each different functions. One of these modules submits every article you write to the search engines. This module comes standard with all Drupal installations and can be enabled or disabled. It is called the Ping module. Modules are found at
Home » Administer » Site building. The description for the Ping module reads "Alerts other sites when your site has been updated." Get Drupal for your blog and enable the Ping module. -> Read more

You already know the most important blogging tip

You already know the most important blogging tip but it is the hardest. You have to work every day writing your blog. The more content you have on your blog the more there will be there for people to read and the more there will be there for search engines to find.

Find your passion and write down your thoughts. We all have hobbies and things we like. It could be anything from Rap music to Opera. There will be people who want to read about it. That's the beauty of the internet it is available around the world. Study and learn your passion and the ideas for articles will come.

Is your blog missing the biggest blog tip?

Words, yes that's it words. Search engines can only read words. A word is text you can select and copy with your cursor. Search engines can only read words. If you make some fancy picture with the title. Search engines will not see any thing. Always make sure the title of the page and some key words about that page are there near the top of the page and not in some picture.

If you want to see what a search engines when it visits your website use a Lynx viewer. Lynx is a very early browser that does not read pictures but it also amazingly close to what Google will see when it visits your site.

There is a sample Lynx viewer at http://www.delorie.com

9 More Ways Your Blog Makes Visitors Trust You

Today I saw a sign on a fast food restaurant that said “Dinner for 5, $3 each” well now that sounds real cheap but if you think about that is actually $15 plus sales tax. It is those things you have to watch, sure you want to sell merchandise but more importantly you want to be in business over the long term and get return customers. Have you ever been at a web site and wanted to buy something but could not find the price unless you clicked and the buy link? Even worse have you ever bought something and when checking out found the shipping charges too high? No wonder the product was so cheap. This is false economy because even though the vendor got you to buy today you probably will not be back. Remember it is business in the long term that matters not today’s sales.

1. No Surprises

There should be no surprises. If they click on a link it should go to where they thought it would go. -> Read more

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