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The Ten Things You Need To Do To Write Compelling Web Site Content

  1. Choose a topic your readers will want to know about
  2. Choose a title that describes your topic and what you want to say about it

Why Web Page Validity Is Important

A web page validator checks for mark up errors in a web page. Mark up is the tags that govern the appearance of a web page and determine where the page elements will appear. -> Read more

What Is SEO Malpractice?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. So an SEO would be a person or firm that works to get your website higher rankings in the search engines. -> Read more

Firefox is the best browser

Firefox is the best browser, but before using Firefox, on the menu at the top of the page, open tools>> options and from this window you can choose what programs to open applications your browser may find. For example, with mail-to links you can choose always ask to avoid having your email editor opened when don’t want it open and which word processor to open if you click a link to an old word file or something. This is a great time and system resources saver that avoids waiting on applications to open that you won't need. Always ask is my first choice to save time and system resources by not opening unneeded applications.

Never Loose Another Email

I have two email accounts that I use and they receive the same emails. These means they are duplicates of each other. I have back-ups of all-important emails from clients etc. if one server is down I always have a back up even if I accidentally delete an email. I never want to be in a position where I have tell a client that I lost their email.

On my email server I just forward all emails to my
Gmail account so if one server is down I can always use the other one. I can search the archives on either server. If I send an email using Gmail it appears to come from the same account. Periodically I copy my address book to my Gmail account.

If you are one of my hosting clients I can set this up for you. Setting up emails and adding new accounts is free for all of my hosting clients.



TinyUrl is great for when you have to list a web site that is very long or contains many special characters. This is the URL of the books from Amazon I am waiting to receive:
This is that same URL transformed by TinyUrl: http://tinyurl.com/6zz234
This is one of the many great free things on the Internet. You can find this web site at http://tinyurl.com/ Just copy your long URL to your clipboard by selecting it, right clicking and then choose copy from the menu, which appears. Then go to this website and right click and choose paste. Your tiny URL will appear and you can copy it to your clipboard and bring it back to your computer to with as wish.



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