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What Is An ISP?

Internet Service Provider

The Internet is a network of millions of computers around the world connected to each other by phone lines, fiber optic lines, coaxial cable, satellites, and wireless connections. -> Read more

What’s Wrong With SEO Tools?

Google does not like SEO tools, which make automated queries to their database. So just what is wrong with this? -> Read more

Hey Mister Macromedia Flash

Mister Macromedia Flash please don't try to install McAfee software on my computer. If I wanted that I would go to their web site. -> Read more

What Is Website Hosting?

A website is hosted on a special computer called a web server or file server because it delivers files to other computers. In this case it is your computer your computer at work or home. -> Read more

5 Important Things That Should Be Every Web Page

  1. Who – Always say who you are. When you hear something the first thing you think of is “who said that?” The most important part of every fact is it source.

Web Page Accessibility

alt text

The importance is making accessible pages is that accessible pages are found in search engines. Pages that are not accessible are often not able to be visited or indexed by search engines. -> Read more

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