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Copy text using control keys

  • Click inside the area you want to copy and then press the Ctrl key and then the A key while holding down on the Ctrl key, the Ctrl-A keys should select the area inside the box. Then release both keys at the same time. This is same as holding down on the left side your mouse while dragging over the area you wish to select.

Windows will not let applications close normally

Think about when you are trying close an application which has open files that need to be closed, like a word processor. The first thing the application will do is put up a dialog box so you can close those files. This is great except for Windows, the forever bad sport who is unable to be a team player, covers up that dialog box with its own saying that the first application is not working and needs to closed. Of course you already know this you were trying to close that application. So you have to get rid of the annoying Windows dialog box which has once again interrupted your work. Then as if Windows had not behaved badly enough, it puts up yet another dialog box wanting to send an email saying that the original application closed abnormally. This is especially annoying since it would have been OK if Windows would of just left it alone. So Windows causes your application to crash and then has the temerity to claim the application failed and it is just trying to save your computer.

How to uninstall a program from Windows

It is best to remove any programs you are not using since this will make your computer faster. Windows periodically completely changes around the operating system just to keep anyone from learning how to use it. I would start at the control panel which you can get to from from start menu in the bottom lower left. -> Read more

Email Etiquette & Why It Is Important

The reason for email etiquette is to be considerate and knowing good etiquette can help you do that. Email makes first impressions in the same way that letters and personal appearances do. In cases where the only meetings are long distance, email it is extremely important in forming opinions of you or your business. -> Read more

How to install a Drupal theme

Go to the Drupal website and choose your theme.
Download it choosing compression method and Drupal version.
If you are using 7-zip choose tar.gz as a compression method.
You can find your version of Drupal at admin/reports/status of your Drupal website. -> Read more

3 simple rules for downloads



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