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What Are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are found in the top your page source and are used to give instructions to browser and search engines. You can see meta tags by right clicking and choosing view source.
Meta Tags -> Read more

Move your Drupal site to a different host or web server

Both hosts are standard LAMP servers.

Drupal version 6 is used for these steps

I am using Ronan's excellent module, Backup and Migrate found at http://drupal.org/project/backup_migrate

The terms folder and directory are the same
Change theme to Garland at admin/build/themes
Administer>> Site building>> Themes

Log in as the first user, user/1 the user who originally created the site and put your site in maintenance mode
Administer>> Site configuration>> Site maintenance

clear cache
Administer>> Site configuration>> Performance

Using FTP to download html files from your old site, These are the actual web pages

Use Backup and Migrate module to back up MySQL tables

Read http://drupal.org/requirements

Set up a MySQL database on new website

Download the same Drupal version from http://drupal.org

Set up FTP site for new site (you can use FileZilla for this) -> Read more

Horde Email Is Better Than Outlook

Horde Email

Horde Email Is Better Than Outlook

Unlike Outlook Horde Is Not A Program On Your Computer

Horde email is better than Outlook. Horde is an open source email program that some web hosts include in their service. It is better than Outlook because it runs on the web server not on your computer. Not only does this free up system resources but it is available on any computer you are using. If you have ever lost important client contacts or emails because a computer failed than you will appreciate this. -> Read more

How to manage your strong passwords

Strong passwords are necessary to protect the integrity of your private information whether it be bank account, website or social networking site. Never visit these sites by following a link in an email. The safest way is to type the website name into a search engine such as Google. Some ISPs will allow you to have multiple email addresses, so you can have separate email address for banks etc. This way if an email comes from them it will be sent to a different email then your other email. There are many ways to have your password compromised including software that repeatedly guesses until the correct one is found. It is still important not to follow links in an email to sign on. This is the most important rule of all. -> Read more

How To Write Articles For Your Website

How To Write Articles For Your Website

If you want visitors at your website you have to give them what they want. Informative, useful content is what you need to bring visitors and search engines to your website.

1. Write About What You Know Best

You should write from a position of experience. If you have been an electrician for the past several years you are well qualified to write about it. Describe your work and the things you think will help your potential customers. Always write about things you know well. -> Read more

Here is a great video by Google Webmasters that pretty much sums up my philosophy on SEO.

Here is a great video by Google Webmasters that pretty much sums up my philosophy on SEO.

First if your company concentrates on providing a good product and not income the income will be there, or to put it another way if you don’t worry about SEO and instead put all of your time and energy into writing good articles and give your readers what they want, the traffic will come to your website. If you worry only about the end result you will not get it. If you worry only about lots of traffic and try a bunch of stupid SEO tricks you will not get the traffic. Provide a good product, write great content and then you will get the traffic and the number one search engine results pages. -> Read more



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