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Tame Multiple Domains On The Web Site With htaccess 301 Redirect

.htaccess 301

I wanted to add Google Maps to www.psrunner.com however over the years I have accumulated three domains pointing to this web site. -> Read more

Go For The Long Term

Writing Articles

Remember when you are writing to put some substance into your writing. Pick a topic and say at least one concrete thing. When you are finished, ask yourself what is that one thing? -> Read more

How To Add Images To Your Drupal Website

Add an image to a Drupal page (picture)

If you have not all ready, read http://www.dashaver.com/Add-Content-Drupal-WebSite Under where you add your text you should see an area which says Attached images. -> Read more

How To Use Horde Email

Forget about linking

Yes forget about linking. You can not control who links to you so don’t worry about it. -> Read more

The Ten Things You Need To Do To Write Compelling Web Site Content

  1. Choose a topic your readers will want to know about
  2. Choose a title that describes your topic and what you want to say about it



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