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How To Add Content To Your Drupal Web Site

  1. How to use drupal
    This location will vary according to the theme you are using. Find the menu option called create content, maybe on a menu on the left or right. This option will only appear if you are signed on and allowed to add content.

URL Canonicalization


A canonical URL is uniform, meaning that all references to this web site are the same. See the examples at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URL_normalization
Search engines do this to remove duplicate content from their index. Imagine if you searched for something and got a 100 results referring to the same page. That would not be much help especially if the page was not relevant. -> Read more

Drupal users policy that keeps down the size of the user table

The standard treatment of users who post inappropriate or off-topic material is to ban them. In time this just fills up your data base with unnecessary data. The normal reason to ban them instead of deleting them is that they can just sign up again with the same email address. -> Read more

About Me Page: The Important Parts Of The Most Important Page On Your Web Site

Resume and magnifying glass

Your About Me Page can put a human face on your business just like a hometown business. People are more comfortable with someone they know than with an unknown entity. -> Read more

Add the actual alt text

When adding alt text for pictures always use actual text for that picture. -> Read more

Put your desk in the middle of the room.

My workspace

If I had it to over again I would put my desk in the middle of the room. I use the large banquet tables for my computers. I have different computers to do different things. One for day to day work and others for backups, etc. Each one has an external hard drive for daily backups when it has finished doing what it does for that day. It seems like frequently I need to get to the back of a computer, so the closer they are to the wall the harder it is. I also have some rather large CRTs (cathode ray tube) and these I leave the back hanging over the edge of the table to free up space in front for keyboards, books and papers. I only have one flat screen since the CRTs work so well, I still use them even though they take up so much room. Tables in the middle of the room would make it so much easier to get to the back of the computers to plug, to unplug cables or just see where a cable goes. -> Read more



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