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What Is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is a measurement of the rate of data transfer. The more visitors you have to your web site greater your bandwidth usage will be. This is because each visitor downloads the pages they want to view onto their home computer. It is this transfer of data from your web server to their home computer that is referred to as bandwidth.

What Is A Bot?


A bot, short for Robot, is just a program that runs on a web server. They can also be called spiders or crawlers. This name is used when they are accessing web sites to gather information. By accessing millions of web sites in a short time much information can be gathered. -> Read more

How Can I Get My Website Found On Google?

Getting Found On Google

Being found on Google is probably an end to the real goal of getting new customers. Your customers will be using Google to find you. Google and other search engines can bring thousands of visitors to your website everyday. Imagine if you could get thousands of people to walk into your store everyday and look at your merchandise. -> Read more

What Is RSS?

Feed Icon

RSS, Really Simple Syndication, or Rich Site Summary, is used for web sites, blogs and journals that are frequently updated. When the content is updated it automatically appears in a feed reader. This is a really great way to read your favorite web content daily. RSS will be handy for you if you have web sites you like to read every day or at least frequently. -> Read more

The Future Of Web Design

the future

There has been a subtle shift in web design software that has been slow, gradual and permanent shift that I have not heard anyone talk about. This is the change from stick built web sites to content management systems. I think as time goes on there will be fewer and fewer web sites made from the ground up. -> Read more

How Do You Point A Domain To Up Your Website?

Nameserver Hostnames

At your domain registrar enter the nameserver hostnames on the Domain Nameservers page. If I am hosting the site for you your nameserver hostnames ns1.dashaver.net and ns2.dashaver.net notice the periods they are important. If you are hosting your web site somewhere else you will have to get your nameserver hostnames from them. -> Read more



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