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Client principles

We all want more clients but what we should want is higher quality clients. Higher quality clients pay on time and waste less of our time. It is amazing but proven that the clients who pay the least expect the most and waste the most of our time. To avoid this you need to look for certain things and have preset conditions to avoid them. Clients who pay regular prices understand the value of your time.

  • You have spent much time and effort learning your skills so charge average market prices and never work for free or less than regular price, have incentives if you must but never lower your price. Strangely clients will believe your work has whatever value you give to it or charge for it. If a local non profit or charitable organization wants discount work, offer instead to make a donation.

Read More Link module

There is a great little module called the Read More Link module. http://drupal.org/project/ed_readmore what this module does is to move the read more link up from the submitted terms to end of article being continued on an another page. If you are worried about people only reading the teaser instead of the whole article this is great, because you can be sure they will see the link to the rest of the article. The teaser is the two or three line introduction on the front page that links to the rest of the article. The read more link is now in the body of the article where their is less chance of it be missed.

Keep very detailed records

For every payment have a record of what invoice it is credited on. I have had clients who only pay every other one and only way to get all your money is to have a record of what check is applied to what invoice. Have detailed statements back for at least a year more is better. There are some clients who will pay by PayPal the same day the invoice is sent and some who wait until their website is suspended before paying. The late payers are the ones who do not read email and need to have an invoice sent in by US Mail 3 months and then just make a partial payment. These are the same people who after repeated emails call on the phone and want to meet in person to give you cash or a check, or just respond to your email with I will call you next week or if they don't read their email you will hear nothing. It is amazing why they even want a website if it can be suspended for non payment and you do not hear from them for days or even weeks. -> Read more

Paste Into Your Word Processor With Out The Annoying Formatting

Here is how to get rid of this annoyance. When typing in your word processor and you want to copy a word from some where else (more than a word or two requires that you give credit to the author) you can copy it by dragging your cursor over it while holding down on the left side of your mouse, then hold your mouse over the selected text and click on the right side of your mouse, from the menu that appears choose copy. This will place the selected text onto your clipboard. Your clipboard is simply an area in memory. The problem begins when you try to paste this text into your word processor and it uses the same formatting. Pasting into notepad can defeat this extremely annoying habit. Paste the text into notepad. Then choose ctrl-a to select all and ctrl-x to copy it back to your clipboard with out the formatting. You can now paste it into your word processor with out the annoying formatting.

Copy text using control keys

  • Click inside the area you want to copy and then press the Ctrl key and then the A key while holding down on the Ctrl key, the Ctrl-A keys should select the area inside the box. Then release both keys at the same time. This is same as holding down on the left side your mouse while dragging over the area you wish to select.

Windows will not let applications close normally

Think about when you are trying close an application which has open files that need to be closed, like a word processor. The first thing the application will do is put up a dialog box so you can close those files. This is great except for Windows, the forever bad sport who is unable to be a team player, covers up that dialog box with its own saying that the first application is not working and needs to closed. Of course you already know this you were trying to close that application. So you have to get rid of the annoying Windows dialog box which has once again interrupted your work. Then as if Windows had not behaved badly enough, it puts up yet another dialog box wanting to send an email saying that the original application closed abnormally. This is especially annoying since it would have been OK if Windows would of just left it alone. So Windows causes your application to crash and then has the temerity to claim the application failed and it is just trying to save your computer.



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