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Why Your Business Can Not Afford To Not Have A Blog

Blogs are great business tools. Blogs announce company information, sales and promotions. Blogs are the perfect way to put a human face on community and employee relations. Blogs are the tools used for communication by modern companies because they are the most cost and time effective way to get news out about your company. Blogs cost one third of the cost of static print advertising. Think advertising that gathers leads and answers product information questions. Imagine having 1000's of customers walk in to your store everyday.

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Build Your Business On Your Web Site

Having a web site will bring customers to any business but if your business is just starting out a web site can give it that needed boost to get it going. When your business is just starting out you need to get out your contact information and samples of your work. Having samples of your work on-line can establish you as a professional in your field. The most cost effective way to do this is with a web site. The cost of one large newspaper ad can pay for a website. Web site maintenance costs are one third of the cost of a yellow page listing.

Why Your Business Needs A Blog

The word blog comes the words web and log. It is a report or journal that is periodically updated like a kind of diary. Only they are intended to read by everyone. Readers can respond to blogs and they can become ongoing conversations.
A Blog Will Make People Aware Of Your Brand And Product
Get The Word Out About Your Business With A Blog. A blog is a great way to inform everyone about your business. A blog can give a more personal face to your business. Your blog can be a place to have information about how to use your products. Blogs are great for getting the word on new things in your business, specials you might have or just news about your business. Blogs are also great for telling how to use your product, readers can even comment and ask questions.
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Why Everyone Can And Should Have A Blog

I think it is cool how different people can write an article with the same title and the article will be completely different. Most of the time there is nothing wrong with this. One of the most important lessons I learned in college was that no one is in class to learn from a book, you can do that at home, you are there to learn from the facility and people who argue with the teacher just don’t get it. Smart executives have also learned that the facts are each and every persons experience combined with how they perceive the world around them. This is why smart people are the ones who listen when someone else is talking. This is how two different articles could have the same title and be different articles, different things are important to each author. Each article about the same thing can have many different things to offer. It is reading, listening and understanding everyone’s opinion that makes us smart. -> Read more

Client principles

We all want more clients but what we should want is higher quality clients. Higher quality clients pay on time and waste less of our time. It is amazing but proven that the clients who pay the least expect the most and waste the most of our time. To avoid this you need to look for certain things and have preset conditions to avoid them. Clients who pay regular prices understand the value of your time.

  • You have spent much time and effort learning your skills so charge average market prices and never work for free or less than regular price, have incentives if you must but never lower your price. Strangely clients will believe your work has whatever value you give to it or charge for it. If a local non profit or charitable organization wants discount work, offer instead to make a donation.

Read More Link module

There is a great little module called the Read More Link module. http://drupal.org/project/ed_readmore what this module does is to move the read more link up from the submitted terms to end of article being continued on an another page. If you are worried about people only reading the teaser instead of the whole article this is great, because you can be sure they will see the link to the rest of the article. The teaser is the two or three line introduction on the front page that links to the rest of the article. The read more link is now in the body of the article where their is less chance of it be missed.

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