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Content Management Systems

A content management system (CMS) is a software package, which is written for a group of users to create content for a web site. This could be a community of users sharing information about a common topic. A CMS typically would contain a forum, a blog and articles. It would also contain databases to track users and their profiles. These profiles would contain information about users and what authority each had to make updates to the website. Content management systems are for creating communities of users. Drupal is the foremost CMS.

What is the biggest mistake you can make with your website?

Business people

The biggest mistake you can make is intentionally keep people from using your website. This usually is accomplished by forgetting your goal. Just about any goal you might have in mind involves the visitor not you. In the old days this might have been accomplished with a splash screen which required visitors to click before they could see your website. Now days this might be done with box or window that pops up in front of or obscures view of the website until the visitor enters some information to get a newsletter or something. All these things are for you and do nothing for your visitors, always put your visitors needs and wants first. Never put roadblocks that keep visitors accomplishing their purpose. Never prevent visitors from using your website. Otherwise all your time and money you have invested in your website is a complete waste.

Add a short-cut icon to your Drupal website

Administer> Site building> Themes> choose the theme you are using and select configure beside it. Read down to Shortcut icon settings and beside Upload icon image browse to a small image on your computer. Click Save configuration at the bottom of the page.

The Future Of The Internet Software

Internet Software

In the future your home computer will only be used to access applications on the web. Your choice will be between web mail and web mail. All of your office applications, word processor, spread sheets; everything will hosted on the web. There will be no installing programs on your home computer. These programs will work much better because the company that writes that software will host them. Your computer will work much better because it won’t have the burden of all of these installed programs. -> Read more

The real SEO steps you need to know

Real SEO is on site SEO, if there is off site SEO it would be things like making sure your website is on line all the the time, submitting a site map to Google or having a well written robots.txt made just for your site. Don't waste your time with worthless keyword schemes, this is time you should spend writing helpful articles for your website visitors. Write good content and don't waste time with pointless keyword research things.

Real SEO is making a user friendly website with relevant, useful content.

  • Keep your pages short, make sure each page only covers one topic or key phrase. Put this key phrase in the title and on the menu.
  • Keep down the number of links on your page, especially the links at the bottom of the page.
  • Write the way people talk not for search engines

Add a logo to your Drupal website

Administer> Site building> Themes and find the theme you are using. Click configure beside it and read down to Logo image settings and Upload logo image by browse to it on your computer. Then at the bottom of the page click Save configuration.



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