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TinyUrl is great for when you have to list a web site that is very long or contains many special characters. This is the URL of the books from Amazon I am waiting to receive:
This is that same URL transformed by TinyUrl: http://tinyurl.com/6zz234
This is one of the many great free things on the Internet. You can find this web site at http://tinyurl.com/ Just copy your long URL to your clipboard by selecting it, right clicking and then choose copy from the menu, which appears. Then go to this website and right click and choose paste. Your tiny URL will appear and you can copy it to your clipboard and bring it back to your computer to with as wish.

Who is your favorite web host and how do you find out who is best

Who is your favorite web host and how do you find out who is best? Are those rating web site accurate? Whats your opinion? Leave a comment below...

Seven Basic Things Necessary To Be On The First Page Of A Google Search

  1. Limit the number of keywords per page; 2 or 3 is best. Keywords or key phrases are the words searchers use to find your product.
  2. Make the page about these 2 or 3 keywords only. Provide relevant content on your page and your title should describe this content.
  3. Have an image and name it with a key phrase.
  4. Put a key word or phrase in the title, Meta tag and first paragraph. Remove any words used repeatedly. Your article should be written the way people talk, not to attract search engines.
  5. Use valid coding; just because you can see your page does not mean a search engine spider can see your page.
  6. Make a site map. If you must have JavaScript, image or Flash navigation supplement it with text links also.
  7. Remember that search engine optimization, web page usability and accessibility all go together and accomplishing any one goal will accomplish the other 2.

What Are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are found in the top your page source and are used to give instructions to browser and search engines. You can see meta tags by right clicking and choosing view source.
Meta Tags -> Read more

Horde Email Is Better Than Outlook

Horde Email Is Better Than Outlook

Unlike Outlook Horde Is Not A Program On Your Computer

Horde email is better than Outlook. Horde is an open source email program that some web hosts include in their service. It is better than Outlook because it runs on the web server not on your computer. Not only does this free up system resources but it is available on any computer you are using. If you have ever lost important client contacts or emails because a computer failed than you will appreciate this. -> Read more

How to manage your strong passwords

Strong passwords are necessary to protect the integrity of your private information whether it be bank account, website or social networking site. Never visit these sites by following a link in an email. The safest way is to type the website name into a search engine such as Google. Some ISPs will allow you to have multiple email addresses, so you can have separate email address for banks etc. This way if an email comes from them it will be sent to a different email then your other email. There are many ways to have your password compromised including software that repeatedly guesses until the correct one is found. It is still important not to follow links in an email to sign on. This is the most important rule of all. -> Read more

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