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You need to be writing all the time

You need to be writing all the time and when you are not writing for you website be thinking about articles to write. The more you practice this the more automatic it will become. When you have an idea for an article write it down as soon as possible. All the great authors of the last century carried a brown moleskin notebook with them at all times were continually adding notes as they thought of them no matter where they were at.

It is tax time

If you are and in individual freelancer or contractor you need to have an itemized list of expenses and income and you are so busy you don’t have time for it. It is much easier to keep this throughout the year than to have to get it ready in the last few days before April 15.
I use Fresh Books at http://www.freshbooks.com it has made everything so handy for me so all I have to do is print out a list of income and expenses and make an appointment with my tax professional.
There is an area for expenses and each time and expense occurs I add it right away in my on line account whether I am away on business or in the office. It can also track recurring expenses automatically. It is great for billing clients and will print out a total of income at the end of the year.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting search engines to send visitors to your website. Because there are so many web sites there is a great deal of competition. There many opinions about how to get to the top of these listings as these are the ones that get the visitors. Google gives the highest ranking to web sites that are updated frequently, are older, have a lot of content and several inbound links. In the opinion of Google in bound links are a vote of confidence in the authority of the web site as an information source. The title is the most important part of the page and it should describe the contents accurately. Subtitles can also help.

Use the F11 key

F11 in the top row of keys is great for expanding to full screen. This removes the top and bottom row browser bars and greatly expands the screen area. To return just press F11 again.

The Many Wonderful Uses For Notepad

I think notepad is very handy and use it for a lot things and I also use my web server to store a lot of these notes. Upload using FTP but be sure to place over the public_html or home directory so they are not publicly accessible. This is a handy back up and the notes are available to any computer I am using. However when these text files are downloaded from the web server the line breaks appear as small squares and the lines do not break. If you open these up in Microsoft Wordpad and save them, they will go back to normal with the line breaks where you had put them.

One very handy use for notepad is as a log or journal of events. If you open notepad and put a period and in uppercase letters the word LOG on the top line on the left with no spaces. Now each time you open that notepad the date and time will be at the top of your entry. You can also just press F5(while using notepad) from you top rows of keys. These are sometimes called command keys. -> Read more

Firefox has some great shortcuts F1 for search

Fire fox has some great shortcuts

F1 for search the best way to find something quick. If you are using Firefox just hit F1 and begin to type what you are looking for in Find box which will open at the bottom of your screen. You can also select, copy and paste items text from webpages and search for it on multiple webpages. This handy feature is much quicker than searching webpages for things visually.



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