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Here is a great video by Google Webmasters that pretty much sums up my philosophy on SEO.

Here is a great video by Google Webmasters that pretty much sums up my philosophy on SEO.

First if your company concentrates on providing a good product and not income the income will be there, or to put it another way if you don’t worry about SEO and instead put all of your time and energy into writing good articles and give your readers what they want, the traffic will come to your website. If you worry only about the end result you will not get it. If you worry only about lots of traffic and try a bunch of stupid SEO tricks you will not get the traffic. Provide a good product, write great content and then you will get the traffic and the number one search engine results pages. -> Read more

Getting non-responsive windows to respond

If you have several windows open and you are having trouble getting a particular window to respond you can click its tab at the bottom of your screen or the somewhere on that window such as the bar at the top of that window. This is called bringing that window into focus and the active window is said to have focus.

If you find websites have open windows you did not ask for, the safest way to close them from your tool bar at the bottom of the screen.

If you ask Microsoft Windows to uninstall a Windows program

Did you ever notice that if you ask Microsoft Windows to uninstall a Windows program it puts a dialog box that says it is configuring that program. If that were a child you would say do what I say and don't tell me what you are doing instead. Configure means to form something, if you look it up on Google it says to put it together and The Free Dictionary says To design, arrange, set up, or shape with a view to specific applications or uses. Why is all that necessary just to get rid of the unwanted program?

Use The Handy Search Feature In Firefox

The Firefox search is one of the things I use frequently everyday. Just press ctrl-F and this will open up a small tool bar at the bottom of your screen. Firefox will search the current page visible on your screen. This is handy for large web pages if you need to find anything that takes a long time to find by looking or just any text that may appear multiple times on the same page. Just begin typing in the search box, the search will begin as you type. The word you are searching for will turn green. -> Read more

Notepad is a really great windows utility

Notepad is a really windows utility that I use several times every day. Notepad can be found in Windows accessories with paint and the calculator but I always keep a shortcut handy.
If you have some text with formatting such as from a word processor, you want to get rid of just paste it (ctrl-v)into notepad and then copy (ctrl-c)it back out. F5 will add the date but if you are keeping a journal of system events or something .LOG on the first line will automatically put the date there each time you open that notepad.

Blinder Vision

In order to have a successful blog you need blinder vision, that ability to work every day without any reward. Just keep on working. In any successful endeavor you need to have a period of start-up when the work is great and the rewards are small. This is the time when it is hardest to work. You need to keep you eyes and mind focused on your goal and work on your blog every day. Set yourself a goal of at least one or two blog posts every day and achieve that goal.



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