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Create a custom Drupal menu

To create a custom menu in Drupal:
Adminster> Site building> Menus choosing Add menu at the top of the page. Fill in the menu name and title, they can be the same if you want but the Menu name must in lower case. This menu will not appear until you have something on it. To add something to your menu go to Administer> Site building> Menus and find it on this list. Use the tab Add item. For path if this is is on another site use the full URL, if it is on your site you don't need the domain name. So it may be something like admin/content/comment/approval this would go straight to the comment approval page. Menu link title can be anything you want. -> Read more

The 7 Rules for web developers

These are all from actual experiences, non are made up.

  1. Never do anything extra for clients. They will always expect it for free and will complain if it is not perfect and will constantly want unnecessary changes. Any thing you do for free should your highest quality work, clients will think that all your work even paid work is the same quality. I am constantly amazed at how people think if you do it for free it is of little value. This is strange but true. The value of your work is determined mostly by its value to the client's business and somewhat by what all developers charge, not you.
  2. Never do anything for free, same as the above. If you do a free website for a non-profit they will also expect that you will provide and maintain the content. If you must do free work for non profits instead donate their (full cost) fees back as donation at the end of the year.

My Experiences With Anti-Virus Software

Over the years I had several different brands of anti-virus software. These are programs that you buy to protect your computer from unwanted programs. Some of them extract such a tremendous toll in system resources that they keep your computer from working. Then when you finally figure out what the problem is they will not allow you to remove them from your computer. How many people have Norton or McAfee software on their computers that they cannot remove? -> Read more

Googling Google

Google has given us new words for our language. If we want to find all about something we Google it. Programmers and web masters such as myself can learn about programming language or style sheet properties just by typing them in the search box. So to find about Google let’s Google Google.

Google, which was originally called Backrub, was launched in 1998. Success came from the relevance of its search results. The name comes from the term googol which means 1 followed 100 zeros.

A growing list of free, advertising supported features such as G-mail, Google Desktop, Google Office and Google Maps have helped to increase the users of Google.

Install These Modules With Every Drupal Installation

Install These Modules With Every Drupal Installation
Poormans cron, Semiclean, pathauto, Token, nodewords and Backup and Migrate

Poormans cron is the module to run all other modules. This polls other modules to see if they have anything to do. Semiclean will clear Poormanscron. If because of website events such as server outages etc. your cron is stuck this will reset it so it can start over with a clean slate.

Pathauto is the module that gives page names derived from the page title. These are alias of the actual page names that is usually node and a number. The pathauto module uses the token module to do this.

Nodewords is a module used to make meta tags that can provide information for search engines. -> Read more

What An SEO Can And Can Not Do For You

In the broadest terms a SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) cannot make promises. Promises such as “I guarantee you top 10 on Google in 1 month” are impossible no one can guarantee what will happen on Google. No company has a special relationship with Google and Google does not discuss key phrase positions with companies. An SEO firm or individual can tell you what they will do to promote your website and these will be concrete traceable things that you yourself can check on. There are no secret procedures.
The most important things to do are submit a site map to Google, develop interesting relevant content frequently, and write relevant title and sub-titles. It is good to get inbound links but these should be from visitors who enjoy your web site; not purchased, this can get your web site banned from Google.
Read the Webmaster guidelines at http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/

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