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What Is A Computer Program?

Looping in PHP

A computer program is a series of instructions that must contain sequence, selection, or repetition.

Sequence, Selection Or Repetition

Sequence is when the instructions are read in list fashion. Selection would be when some condition is specified such as if a given field is equal to a number or other given field. Do this if. Repetition is when a given instruction is repeated over and over again until a given condition is met such as do this 100 times. Do this until. -> Read more

Time to retire some computers


Well it is time to retire some computers. I get my computers from Blair Technology Group I have been using them for some years, the rebuilt computers I get from them are reliable, and economical. Some of the ones I have been using for over 10 years are Windows XP which will be retired April 8 and there will be no more security updates.

The link to your home page is the most important link on your page

That’s right the most important link on your website is the link to your home page. For clarity it should be called home, nothing else. For visitors that have not visited your site before you have to make it clear as possible how to get to pages. If the link to the home page is always visible no matter where they are they can always get back to where they started. If you are struggling to understand something this is a tremendous psychological boost.
If people are comfortable with your website they may revisit it or buy your products. Most people will not buy or revisit a website if they have trouble navigating the pages.

If you want people to do something for you then you have to something for them.

It is just that simple, you want people to visit your website so you have to give them a reason. The absolute and easiest way to do this is provide helpful articles they will want to read. You have experience in your business now is the time to share it. Just like anything else once you get started writing articles it becomes part of your daily routine.
Forget about all of the SEO junk and stupid keyword schemes, these are things that you are doing for yourself. They will not bring visitors to your website and some of these linking schemes can harm you.

Why You Need A Web Site

Why You Need A Web Site

Having a web site:

  • Expands your market from your own local area to the world
  • Puts samples in front of your client instantly
  • Is one-third the price of print advertising
  • Provides easy access to your contact information by customers

Moving your computer

If you need to move your computer make sure it will start back up by doing these steps in this order. This will your protect power supply and other parts of your computer. First turn it off using the start and turn off from the start menu. Then after you are certain everything is off, disconnect the power cord from the back of your computer. After you have removed the power cord from the back push the power button on front of you computer, if your power button has a light you may see it flicker for a second. This will remove any residual electricity from your power supply. After this you may resume remove all other components and relaxing knowing your computer will start back after you moved it.



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