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Why You Need A Web Site

Why You Need A Web Site

Having a web site:

  • Expands your market from your own local area to the world
  • Puts samples in front of your client instantly
  • Is one-third the price of print advertising
  • Provides easy access to your contact information by customers

Moving your computer

If you need to move your computer make sure it will start back up by doing these steps in this order. This will your protect power supply and other parts of your computer. First turn it off using the start and turn off from the start menu. Then after you are certain everything is off, disconnect the power cord from the back of your computer. After you have removed the power cord from the back push the power button on front of you computer, if your power button has a light you may see it flicker for a second. This will remove any residual electricity from your power supply. After this you may resume remove all other components and relaxing knowing your computer will start back after you moved it.

How to Download and install Drupal


These steps are on typical LAMP hosting set up

1. Create MySQL database using cPanel
Create user and add to database with all privileges and save this information using notepad so you can use copy and paste to copy passwords. Here are some tutorials on the creation of databases.

2. Download and unzip Drupal using 7-zip http://drupal.org/download
Decompress Drupal directories first step will create folder you can then decompress inner folder
Set up Filezilla to upload to your new website. Click new site and add a name for your new site. Get port and protocol settings from your web host. Set logon type to normal. Add user name and password

3. Upload Drupal to your the public_html folder on your web site using Filezilla -> Read more

My trusty Toshiba Satellite laptop running Windows XP

This article is being typed up on my trusty Toshiba Satellite laptop bought way back when Windows XP was the newest thing. It has been one of the best computers I have had and it still works great after all of these years. I can't begin to think of how many road trips it has been on. Now days it is frequently on the kitchen table I use it like most people read the morning paper only I work, currently I am writing this blog, but I have worked on all my sites and it has all my necessary programs installed. It does things better than some desktop computers. It has been a great computer and I will really miss it Microsoft abandons support for Windows XP in April. -> Read more

Success With The Google Docs Advantage


Google Docs, sometimes called Google Office, is one of the most productive free apps on-line today. Besides being able to create Google Docs and edit documents and Word Documents on line, anyone can read them on-line with out buying or downloading any software. Anyone with a Google Docs account can create and edit Google Docs on-line.

I email a link to my clients and they can edit this document concurrently. This is a great way to work on text for their web sites, they can read a make corrections right there on the actual document before I add it to their web site. A link is sent to them in email and they do not need to have any special software installed on their computer to read and edit this document. -> Read more

The Necessity Of A UPS

Sitting here working during a thunder storm, I am reminded of the necessity of a UPS. UPS stands for uninterpretable power supply, for those periods usually during thunder storms when the power may flicker or even go out. If the power just flickers these battery units will keep your computer going, instead turning your computer off in them middle of whatever it is doing. These battery power units can not run your computer for long, so if the power stays off you should power down or turn off your computer. This unit, only slightly larger than a outlet strip, can sit on the floor out of the way. I always plug my UPS into a good outlet strip with surge protection, I don’t know if it helps but it can't hurt.

Since laptops have batteries so they do not need UPS protection but should have surge protection when possible. A good UPS will also provide surge protection. -> Read more



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