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What is a Good Web Page?

Web pages are made for a purpose (if it is not made for a purpose then it is art not a web page), so the first test should be, Does it accomplish that purpose? Fix this purpose in your mind. The average user having thousands of choices will give yours about 10 seconds. OK quick look at your web page, can you see in ten seconds how to accomplish that purpose? In the real world of pass or fail e-commerce that is the only consideration. -> Read more

Drupal Is Ideal For Groups

Drupal is perfect for groups, clubs or organizations. Group members can update their own portion of the website as needed. Drupal provides configurable user profiles so each club member can have different authorities to update different parts of the website. This is a great way for groups to have a current up to date website with very little cost.

Contact me now to have Drupal set up for you -> Read more

Google’s Advanced Search Operators

Google’s Advanced Search Operators Image

A little hidden gem you may not of heard of, Google’s Advanced Search Operators, will search for very specific things in Google’s index. Such as all of the sites that are linked to a given page, sites that Google thinks are related to a given page or just limit the search results to a given domain.

  • Link:dashaver.com will give all pages linked to www.dashaver.com
  • Site:dashaver.com will list all pages on dashaver.com in the Google index

You can get a full list of these and learn more at: http://www.google.com/help/operators.html

What Is Hot Linking?


Hot linking is the practice of linking directly to content on another website. There are cases where this is OK and in these cases it is known to the website or content owner. What about if someone links to an image on your website and puts it in their content. Imagine also that this other website get a lot of traffic. Your web server would also serve up images to this traffic. In this case the would be a lot of traffic to your server and you would be paying for this bandwidth yet the other website is getting the benefit or revenue dollars. -> Read more

How To Take Pictures For Your Website

How To Take Pictures For Your Website

Your subject should be centered and you should be far enough away so that all of it is in the picture and close enough so that there is very little if any background. Make sure no part of your subject touches the outside edge of the picture.

Place your elbows on your waist and brace them in such a way that there is absolutely no movement. Carefully frame your shot and snap the picture. -> Read more

Never be stuck for something to write

You need to write constantly or every day, but what about those times when you just can not think of an article to write? The secret is to work constantly the more you work the more the ideas will come. When you are not writing study you area of interest. If you have an idea for an article start it as soon as possible. Don't wait until you have time to finish it, just get it on paper as soon as possible, even if it is only a sentence to remind you of your idea for an article. -> Read more



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