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Tame Multiple Domains On The Web Site With htaccess 301 Redirect

.htaccess 301

I wanted to add Google Maps to with three domains pointing to it. To get the Google Maps Developer key you need to have one for each domain. My first plan was to get multiple developer keys and write a JavaScript program to present the right key depending on which domain the user had used to get the web site.

From a search engine point of view multiple domains for one web site are a problem because it leads to duplicate content in their index (2 listings for the same page). -> Read more

Add the actual alt text

When adding alt text for pictures always use actual text for that picture. Never ask yourself what would be the best to help my rankings in the SERPs (search engine results pages) Always do what is best for your visitors and never add words that may fit in but are not the best just because you think you will do better in the SERPs The only reason for alt text is for visitors that can not see pictures. If you are adding a lot of pictures from and event or something and don’t have alt text for each one, don’t add anything. Always create content for your visitors not search engines.

To use drop down menus or not?

The most important consideration is do they work for visitors, so a great deal depends on how well any specific drop down menu works.
Some visitors find it extremely annoying for the menu to be constantly dropping down every time the mouse passes over it while they are trying to read the text underneath it.
If you have drop down menus make sure the top item goes to a page and that there is a visible change in the screen when a user clicks a menu item. Nothing is more frustrating for a user than to click on a menu and not see anything happen. -> Read more

How To Download And Install Filezilla FTP Software

How To Download And Install FTP Software
Of the FTP programs I have used FileZilla is my favorite. This works right out of the box and needs no adjustments or choices to work correctly.
Visit the FileZilla web site http://filezilla-project.org/

Click on the Download FileZilla Client link
On the next page click on the green Download Now box
Look at your browser bar to insure that you are on the Sourceforge web site
Download the file to your desktop
Click to run the file you have downloaded to your desktop
Click next to use default choices and location to install the program in -> Read more

Move your Drupal site to a different host or web server

Both hosts are standard LAMP servers.

Drupal version 6 is used for these steps

I am using Ronan's excellent module, Backup and Migrate found at http://drupal.org/project/backup_migrate

The terms folder and directory are the same
Change theme to Garland at admin/build/themes
Administer>> Site building>> Themes

Log in as the first user, user/1 the user who originally created the site and put your site in maintenance mode
Administer>> Site configuration>> Site maintenance

clear cache
Administer>> Site configuration>> Performance -> Read more

Backup and Migrate module working on a large old website

Backup and Migrate module (http://drupal.org/project/backup_migrate) is great for making back-ups of your website. This optional module is used to make a copy of the data of your website it does not copy the entire web site just the database, so in addition to this back-up you need to save the public_html directory. -> Read more



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