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Adding a new theme to your Drupal site

A theme is ad on software which changes the outward appearance of your Drupal site.
Visit www.drupal.org and browse through the themes until you find one you like. Download this theme to your desktop. Use 7-Zip to decompress both inner and outer folders. The theme will be a folder inside the inner folder. The 2 folders, inner and outer, have version numbers. These are not the ones to use. Use the folder inside the inner folder. It will be your theme name without version numbers appended to the end. -> Read more

Make Sure You Own Your Domain Name

All domain names I register for clients are registered in the name of the client and not my agency. If I register a domain name for you then you will be the owner and I will be the administrative contact. I subcontract a third party domain registrar. If you are registering a domain somewhere else this something to check on. A domain name is an important part of your business and your business should be the owner of it. -> Read more

Chunk Your Articles For Maximum Reader Attention


Chunking is the most logical way to organize articles on web sites because reading a computer screen is different than print. Long articles scroll off the screen and loose readers interest. Long unbroken articles are hard to read and lose readers attention quickly. Short paragraphs with bold headings supporting the page title help readers find relevant information fast. -> Read more

What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name is composed of name and two or three-letter extension separated by a period. The extension could be .com, .net, .org, .edu, .fr, .uk, etc. There is an extension for every country but .com is most common.

A domain refers to a device on the Internet. This device will be identified to your computer by its IP address. An IP address has a numerical format such as since these are not handy for people to use or remember they are translated into domain names by the DNS (domain name server)

How To Make A Website

Website Jobs

There are several categories of jobs which work together to create a website. -> Read more

What Is An ISP?

Internet Service Provider

The Internet is a network of millions of computers around the world connected to each other by phone lines, fiber optic lines, coaxial cable, satellites, and wireless connections. -> Read more



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