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Add a logo to your Drupal website

Administer> Site building> Themes and find the theme you are using. Click configure beside it and read down to Logo image settings and Upload logo image by browse to it on your computer. Then at the bottom of the page click Save configuration.

How To Use Windows Paint To Make Screen Prints

You can make pictures from anything you can see on your computer screen with Windows Paint. Windows Paint is included in every windows computer on the Accessories menu and has some great applications for those who are not graphic artists but need to manipulate a image or photograph now and then.

These may vary according to what operating system you are using. These steps are from Window Vista.

To make a picture of the computer screen you are looking at now:

Navigate to Start-> All Programs-> Accessories-> Paint. -> Read more

Who is your favorite web host and how do you find out who is best

Who is your favorite web host and how do you find out who is best? Are those rating web site accurate? Whats your opinion? Leave a comment below...

You need to be writing all the time

You need to be writing all the time and when you are not writing for you website be thinking about articles to write. The more you practice this the more automatic it will become. When you have an idea for an article write it down as soon as possible. All the great authors of the last century carried a brown moleskin notebook with them at all times were continually adding notes as they thought of them no matter where they were at.

It is tax time

If you are and in individual freelancer or contractor you need to have an itemized list of expenses and income and you are so busy you don’t have time for it. It is much easier to keep this throughout the year than to have to get it ready in the last few days before April 15.
I use Fresh Books at http://www.freshbooks.com it has made everything so handy for me so all I have to do is print out a list of income and expenses and make an appointment with my tax professional.
There is an area for expenses and each time and expense occurs I add it right away in my on line account whether I am away on business or in the office. It can also track recurring expenses automatically. It is great for billing clients and will print out a total of income at the end of the year.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting search engines to send visitors to your website. Because there are so many web sites there is a great deal of competition. There many opinions about how to get to the top of these listings as these are the ones that get the visitors. Google gives the highest ranking to web sites that are updated frequently, are older, have a lot of content and several inbound links. In the opinion of Google in bound links are a vote of confidence in the authority of the web site as an information source. The title is the most important part of the page and it should describe the contents accurately. Subtitles can also help.



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