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Yes you can, just stop and think what you do with your time that you most enjoy and write about it. The more you write the easier it will get, you just need to get startled.

Typography, The Letters Do Matter!

Serif Font

Reading text on a computer screen is different than on paper. Web pages are made up of hypertext. Hypertext is a document in electronic format. Documents on the web are linked by hyperlinks; this is how pages are transversed on the World Wide Web. Hyperlinks should always be the same size of font as the text around them. Otherwise an uncomfortable page shifting occurs when the link is hovered over.

High Contrast Text

Use the highest contrast possible for text. Black text on white page is best. Black pages with white text are very hard to read. -> Read more

What Is Web Mail?

Horde Web Mail

Web mail is read on your website as opposed to reading it on your computer. Although you use your computer to read web mail it physically resides on your website whereas email programs such as Outlook actually store email on your computer. This can take quite a large of space and in some extreme cases can render a computer unusable because of the large amount of system resources needed for the email program. This is especially true of email programs such as Outlook, which contain calendars, address books and keep track of files throughout your computer. -> Read more

How to download and install Drupal modules

Drupal modules add functionality to your Drupal site. Visit http://drupal.org where you can choose and download your module. These directions assume you downloaded the tar.gz for your chosen module. Use 7-Zip to decompress your module after you download it. There is an outer and inner folder to decompress. The folder you need to upload will be inside the decompressed inner folder and will not contain the version number as the two outer folders do. You should visit README.txt in the module folder. Use Filezilla to upload this folder to public_html/sites/all/modules. -> Read more

Adding a new theme to your Drupal site

A theme is ad on software which changes the outward appearance of your Drupal site.
Visit www.drupal.org and browse through the themes until you find one you like. Download this theme to your desktop. Use 7-Zip to decompress both inner and outer folders. The theme will be a folder inside the inner folder. The 2 folders, inner and outer, have version numbers. These are not the ones to use. Use the folder inside the inner folder. It will be your theme name without version numbers appended to the end. -> Read more

Make Sure You Own Your Domain Name

All domain names I register for clients are registered in the name of the client and not my agency. If I register a domain name for you then you will be the owner and I will be the administrative contact. I subcontract a third party domain registrar. If you are registering a domain somewhere else this something to check on. A domain name is an important part of your business and your business should be the owner of it. -> Read more



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