About Me Page: The Important Parts Of The Most Important Page On Your Web Site

Resume and magnifying glass

Your About Me Page can put a human face on your business just like a hometown business. People are more comfortable with someone they know than with an unknown entity.

For an individual this should be about you and be sure to include a picture. A picture is a necessity for free-lancer or individual contractor. Include your experience and why your product is what they want. For a small company this would be your company history and how your company suits their particular needs. Small companies often put pictures of company buildings.

Be sure to put your contact information on your about page. Include your qualifications and why you are the best at providing the service they want. List your other on-line connections such as LinkedIn, or facebook so they can get to know you.

So to recap:
1. Picture
2. Bio
3. Your qualifications



  • 2:09 PM 28 January 2015
  • dashaver.com

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