Why Your Business Can Not Afford To Not Have A Blog

Blogs are great business tools. Blogs announce company information, sales and promotions. Blogs are the perfect way to put a human face on community and employee relations. Blogs are the tools used for communication by modern companies because they are the most cost and time effective way to get news out about your company. Blogs cost one third of the cost of static print advertising. Think advertising that gathers leads and answers product information questions. Imagine having 1000's of customers walk in to your store everyday.

Get a blog like this one for $125 every 6 months

Blogs Are The Most Cost-Effective Advertising

When yellow page ads are $75 or over a hundred dollars a month you can get a blog for less $25 a month. Yellow page ads are static while prospective clients can leave product information requested right on your blog. It is no wonder newspapers around the country are struggling to stay afloat.

Get A Free Blog

Choose the ready-made blog and website combination for $125 down and $125 every 6 months. Includes hosting and free domain name. Hosting includes your own cPanel account and email you@your-domain.

Free Domain Name

Get a domain name of your choice free with your hosting account. There will be no advertising on your blog unless you put it there, not even a thin blue stripe at the top.
Update your blog daily and make changes yourself. Just log in and type in or copy them from your favorite word processor.

One hour free labor customizing your new blog. More at current rates when ever you want it.

Sign up for your free blog, leave product information questions or just comments below. Thanks!

  • 10:44 PM 3 September 2015
  • dashaver.com

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