What Is Website Hosting?

A website is hosted on a special computer called a web server or file server because it delivers files to other computers. In this case it is your computer your computer at work or home. These files are assembled into what you see as a website on your computer. The main task of web servers is to be ready 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for hundreds or thousands of concurrent users.

Your web host is the landlord

Your web host is the landlord who provides and maintains the building where your store or business is located

ORACLE managed services


A web hosting service is used to store your website files (such as HTML pages and images) on a web "server". This server is connected to the internet and allows people to visit your website.


In easy language, the

In easy language, the computer on which your web site is saved and works and updates, is generally a Web Host. Web Hosting Server provides some space on his drive for our web site in exchange of some money. Without web host your website can't exist on WWW.

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