Ten Ways Your Web Site Inspires Trust In Visitors

  1. No Splash Pages Please

    Never use splash pages, intro pages that usually say click here to enter site. These could be characterized as user hostile. Visitors should find what they want on the first click.

  2. The Purpose Of Your Website Should Be The First Thing Visitors See

    This most common way is a short tag line right under you web site name or the heading or very close. It absolutely must be above the fold, or the portion, which is shown with out scrolling down to see. This will vary on different computer screens so the nearer the top the better. The best place is right under the web site name. It is best if the web site name and any tag lines are in text. It is very bad from a find ability standpoint if your web site has words in pictures, search engines cannot read pictures.

  3. Your About Page Is The Most Important Page On Your Site

    The about me or about us page should easy to find on the first page above the fold. If you are an individual free-lancer or contractor your picture should available. This might be the most visited page on your site. Don’t try to act like a big company if you are not. A lot of freelancers have their picture on each page.

  4. Make Everything Easy To Find

    Every thing should easy to get to. Over half of visitors will use the search to find everything so make it easy find and use. The worst mistake you can make is to have difficult to use navigation or search. There will always be people that don’t like drop down menus so keep this in mind. People should find what they want, if they follow a link and it is not what they expected, your credibility will drop. Don’t use cute little pictures instead of text navigation. Never put words in pictures. If it is text you can select it with your cursor. If visitors think your web site is hard to use your credibility will drop.

  5. Use What They Already Know

    Use the most common words for everything. Don’t be innovative, creative or folksy. Use about me instead of getting to know us and contact instead of yo’ll give us a call. If you have an ecommerce site use shopping cart instead grocery sack, basket or any thing else.

  6. Banish The Words Click Here

    Never use the phrase click here. Link text should always describe the page the user is going to. This page should never be a surprise. Surprises only drive away potential customers.

  7. Nobody Is Impressed By Technical Terms

    Watch the use of jargon or terms of your trade if the page is full of words visitors don’t understand it will alienate them. It is good for them if you are skilled, but be careful using terms that not every one will understand. They may want to hire some one knowledgeable but they want to hear terms they understand.

  8. No Abbreviations Please

    Watch the common abbreviations so much in use today. Terms such as ttyl (talk to you later) or lol (laugh out loud) will only mystify some people and your message will be lost. In order to keep peoples attention they must understand what you are saying.

  9. No Waiting Please

    Make sure your page is not loaded down with pictures, graphics or links to other web sites. Keep pictures few and small in size. Make sure they are optimized for the web. A graphics arts editor such as Corel Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop can reduce the number of colors and thus the file size so your pictures download quickly. Limit or banish moving things, or animations, which detract from your message.

  10. Use Proper Language And Spelling

    Use good English (if your page is in English). Spell check everything and reread several times.

  • 2:43 AM 5 September 2015
  • dashaver.com

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