The Future Of The Internet Software

Internet Software

In the future your home computer will only be used to access applications on the web. Your choice will be between web mail and web mail. All of your office applications, word processor, spread sheets; everything will hosted on the web. There will be no installing programs on your home computer. These programs will work much better because the company that writes that software will host them. Your computer will work much better because it won’t have the burden of all of these installed programs.

This is sometimes known as SaaS or software as service. I use an online booking service called Freshbooks. I found this to be much easier than purchasing, installing and learning to use an off the shelf accounting system. This software is maintained and updated much better and easier when hosted by the company that wrote it. Authors will have much less trouble protecting their Intellectual property rights when the software is hosted on their own servers. This will bring down the costs for everyone.

Advertising will completely support many other applications.

  • 5:37 PM 30 August 2015

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