How To Take Pictures For Your Website

How To Take Pictures For Your Website

Your subject should be centered and you should be far enough away so that all of it is in the picture and close enough so that there is very little if any background. Make sure no part of your subject touches the outside edge of the picture.

Place your elbows on your waist and brace them in such a way that there is absolutely no movement. Carefully frame your shot and snap the picture.

If possible plan your shot. If you are indoors make sure there is adequate light. Make sure not to use a flash in front of glass displays, mirrors, pictures or windows. Mirrors are especially bad since you can see the photographer in the picture. If you are outdoors try to have the sun at your back. Try not to take pictures at high noon; early evening is best. Late afternoon fall pictures are the best because the light is better than at any other time of year. By planning ahead you can avoid the pitfalls and get the best shot.

  • 12:48 AM 4 September 2015

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