What Is Good SEO?

Search engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting a higher listing in on-line searches. This has also been called Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Searchers, hopefully your customers, search for something they want and get a list of sites. Most do not look past the first page of listings. Search engine Optimization is the things that are done to get high ranking on this first page.

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is honorable things, which are done to get high ranking on these first search engine results pages (SERPS). Black Hat SEO is the dishonest, sneaky tricks which some do hoping to get high-ranking. Black hat techniques do not add informative listings. Grey Hat is questionable techniques. I think this term came about because some people think right and wrong have grey areas. Many do not.

Key Words And Key Phrases

The words or search phrases searchers type in are called key words or key phrases. If you put an article on your website about your products or services be sure to use key phrases that people would search for to find these articles. Key phrases are very important and should be in your title. This is White Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO

To just list irrelevant words meaninglessly on a web page without a coherent article is of course a lot quicker and easier than researching an article. This is Black Hat SEO. If you have to ask if something is right or wrong it is generally wrong.

Write Quality Articles As Often As You Can

Write informative articles about your business often. These articles should be helpful to potential customers. This is White Hat SEO. Search engines should be viewed as business partners much like suppliers. They need good relevant content for their viewers and you need a way for customers to find your product or service. They give higher listing to the ones who have current, relevant content. To get high ranking for your product or service write quality articles as often as you can.

Useful Post

Excellent post with useful points on SEO which would be very helpful for the Beginners in SEO industry. All those points explained here will provide great help in boosting the reputation of Online business in Search Engines. Looking ahead to read more such useful post in future again.

Your comment is an example of the kind of wrong and misleading i

Your comment is an example of the kind of wrong and misleading information that is often seen. People do not visit web sites do read key phrases they visit to read articles or buy things. Therefore if you are selling coffee you write articles about coffee. If you are a sports writer you write articles about sports. Nowhere in the above process is it necessary to waste time researching key phrases.

In any event how do you expect to get customers for your imaginary process if you can't spell.

You can get banned for buying links

You can get banned for buying links, in fact just using some SEOs can get you banned.
A page full of links will not get nothing, because it is not valuable content to anyone. Ask yourself what value does this add? You need to get out of the mindset of doing what you think will get high ranking and think what do your users want? Google is just trying to make money on the internet like everyone else. They do this by providing relevant search results and you will get nowhere by trying to trick them into providing crap and spammy links to their users. If you want to find out about a subject do you want pages that inform about this or just some page of links? When writing your articles delete every sentence that does not talk about your page title or main subject I hate reading an article only to find it was filler and nothing else.

What Is Black Hat

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Listing random words instead of a coherent article is the most obvious of black hat SEO techniques. Putting text on a page that is the same color as the page so that it can be seen by search engines but not by human visitors is a misleading technique. Making pages that are not real pages but made to seen only by search engines is wrong. Any attempt to fool or mislead the search engine will result in search engine Spam that will result in getting your web site banned. If there is a doubt whether or not something is right or wrong than is it wrong.

Search engines are companies that make their income by listing websites on their computers. They pay for these computers and the software to operate them. With this in mind it is easy to understand that search engine Spam is a method of lying to them and stealing from them. Thieves and liars never proper in business.

The easiest way to avoid black hat techniques is simply and honestly writes articles about a topic of you are knowledgeable or have strong opinions. Your goal should be to write an article about your topic and not be concerned about search engines. If your number one goal in writing an article is to rank number one in the search engines, you might as well not waste your time. When writing your article ask yourself the question, “will this inform the reader?” That should be only reason for writing the article. Any other reason will result in failure.

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