What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name is composed of name and two or three-letter extension separated by a period. The extension could be .com, .net, .org, .edu, .fr, .uk, etc. There is an extension for every country but .com is most common.

A domain refers to a device on the Internet. This device will be identified to your computer by its IP address. An IP address has a numerical format such as since these are not handy for people to use or remember they are translated into domain names by the DNS (domain name server)

dot com was chosen as an abbreviation for commercial

dot com was originally chosen as an abbreviation for commercial but became general in use. Some people will look for .com and not be able to find the domain they are looking for if it is a .org or .net. Since there has never been any restrictions on who can use those extensions the dot com become the most used because some felt they would not be found otherwise.

I have some sites I maintain that are .net and it is amazing how even when you tell someone the email or the website is .net they will later tell you the site is not there or the email came back and upon questioning you find they were using .com instead even you told them it was .net people just expect it to be .com and use that

I have not found that true in

I have not found that true in my experience, look at http://www.usracecalendar.com in 14 years that site has never gotten any traffic from people looking for race calendar in fact the incoming traffic is looking for content based on the articles on the site such as 50k runs, how to put on a race or what to wear when running

There is no difference,

There is no difference, however you should be consistent. You can also change them all to be this same using canonical URL’s
http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/seo-advice-url-canonicalization/ You can also do this with htaccess http://www.dashaver.com/htaccess-301-Redirect



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