5 Important Things That Should Be Every Web Page

  1. Who – Always say who you are. When you hear something the first thing you think of is “who said that?” The most important part of every fact is it source. On your web site readers should know if you are person, organization or company.
  2. What – The title is definitely the most important part of a web page. Each page should have a title which describes its contents. The worst thing a web page can be called is “home” This says absolutely nothing about the contents of the web page. When you write the contents of a web page keep reviewing the title of the page making sure the title describes the contents. The title is absolutely the most important part of a page and should describe the subject matter of that page. When someone is visiting your page the title you give it will be at the top of the page and if someone bookmarks your page your title will also appear there.
  3. When – In today’s rapidly changing world people have come to equate reliability of a document with it age either consciously or subconsciously. If reading the news the date is critical, technical matters can be the same. Imagine how much computer languages and software programs have changed in the last years. Just as often as someone says who wrote that they think or say when did they write that? Since policies and procedures change over time, make sure your content has a date.
  4. Where – Readers of your web site need to know where you are, where in the World Wide Web this content is being written. Like when, where can equate with the validity of a document either in fact or in the view of the reader.
  5. Where is home? - Your URL ( http://www.usracecalendar.com/) should be on every page. Users often land first on a page, not the home page, and it should be evident what web site they are on. If a page is printed or otherwise separated from the web site it should be obvious what web site is from. Having identical pages throughout the web site is a good way to do this but the URL should also be on every page. An ideal situation would be to have a link to the home page from every other page. Even better would be to have a link to every page from every other page. If this can not accomplished with a menu, it can be accomplished from a web site map.
  • 5:14 PM 28 August 2015
  • dashaver.com

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