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What Is Good SEO?

Search engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting a higher listing in on-line searches. This has also been called Search Engine Marketing (SEM). -> Read more

Show file types

It is important to know what type of a file you are using on your computer. This tells you what programs will open this of file. Extension txt is used by notepad and several other applications. -> Read more

Paste & Go

I just noticed a new option on my Firefox right click menu. -> Read more

Java update

If your computer came with a Microsoft operating system such as Windows it also included Java. -> Read more

What Is Website Hosting?

A website is hosted on a special computer called a web server or file server because it delivers files to other computers. In this case it is your computer your computer at work or home. -> Read more

  • 7:17 AM 30 September 2014