Googlebot does not recognize clean urls

When starting a new Drupal site consider not using clean urls or path auto. These create nice urls which are made from the page title. Clean urls and path auto work as in these examples.

Here is the page url for this page drupal makes:
using clean urls makes it
using pathauto would make it -> Read more

Go After The Right Goals

Are you going after the right goals? First what are your goals? What if a goal is have 100,000 visitors to your web site today, 100,000 followers on Twitter or number one on Google? These big goals cannot be achieved by pursuing them directly. For example if you sent out mass emails asking people to follow you on twitter you would have very little success, but what if you worked to provide real value on your web site. -> Read more

5 Simple Things Necessary To Write Content For The Web

  1. The title is the most important part of the article and should accurately describe what the article is about. Titles full of hype, unrelated to article content, written just to get attention, will only loose readers over time.
  2. Start with the most important part or main point and progress into the details. This is the inverted format used by newspapers. (Remember those?)

Back Up Your Drupal Web Site

A back-up of a web site is a copy that you can use to restore working copy of your web site if necessary. You should test your back-ups to see that you are able to restore them. You will want to restore your web site with as few lost changes as possible. Lost changes will be a changes or updates to the web site in-between the time the back-up was made and the time it was restored. With smaller less busy web site this is less of a concern, but with busy web sites this is a serious consideration. -> Read more

How To Be Front Page In Google

In order to be front page in Google your blog must be active, that is new material every day or as often as possible. If there is a secret that is it, just keep working. When you are not writing study your field, the ideas for articles will come.

Google has sandbox phase of about 6 months or so for new sites, so this is a good time to build up a good bunch of articles. A large site with a lot of articles will rank higher than sites small sites. This is a good time to make your website a resource for your visitors. -> Read more

How can I get more traffic is the wrong question

The most common questions are ones like my site dropped on rankings or my inbound links have disappeared. These are all the wrong questions. Stop wasting time worrying about page rank and measuring worthless metrics. The question you should be asking yourself is what do my visitors want, what can I do for them? Why should visitors come to your site if you don’t give them anything. Work at finding what will help them and write those articles. This means all of the time spent researching keywords is all a waste of time, how does this help your visitors? -> Read more

  • 9:56 PM 27 August 2015

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